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Estero Forever Foundation Insights

The Driving Range Connection

Golf Coast Driving Range

Back in June of 2022, the Village of Estero closed on the land purchase of the Golf Coast Driving Range and the adjacent 10-acre parcel located at 9000 Williams Road.

At that time, an agreement was reached with the Village of Estero and the Estero Forever Foundation in a public / private partnership that would directly benefit the Estero Community.

In this agreement, the EFF would operate the Golf Coast Driving Range with a combination of paid and volunteer staff. After taking over, the EFF team rolled up their sleeves and cleaned, painted, serviced the equipment, and groomed the grounds, with a goal of continuing to provide a much-desired activity for the community and to raise money for the EFF mission.

The positive changes were immediately recognized by the “range regulars” and in spite of torrential rains, flooded fields, and hurricane Ian, the new and improved Golf Coast Driving Range weathered the storms and is doing a remarkable business for the Estero community.

The primary focus of the EFF was to provide a recreational service to the community that would otherwise remain dormant until the property is re-purposed. The secondary goal was to raise money that would eventually be directed back into the community through targeted projects that embrace Estero history, recreation, nature preservation, and the environment.

To date, the driving range operation has generated net revenues of over $100,000 for the foundation. Engaging in this collaborative relationship with the Village of Estero has been extraordinarily successful and the EFF team is excited about taking on new projects in the very near future, so stay tuned!

If you are interested in joining the EFF team, please visit our website and fill out the simple online form. A member of our team will be happy to reach out and share more information about our exciting organization.

Leadership Changes on the Way

The Village of Estero just completed an election for three open positions on the Village Council. Mayor Katy Errington and Council members Jim Boesch and Jim Wilson reached the end of their term on the Village of Estero council. The EFF would like to thank these pioneers for creating the solid foundation in which future council members will continue to build upon into the future. The original council has done a remarkable job in shaping what has become the best community is southwest Florida and beyond, and the EFF has been delighted to work with these wonderful public servants.

As the first-generation steps down, the new generation of Village council have been elected and will begin their service to the community on March 21, 2023.

Jim Boesch

EFF Chair, George Zalucki, has been elected to serve a four-year term and will be replacing Council member Jim Wilson of District 7. As such, George will be stepping down as EFF Chair and board member effective March 20, 2023, and Council Member Jim Boesch will be the incoming Chair of the EFF on the same date. Jim was one of the founders of the foundation back in 2019 and is excited to continue his service to the Village of Estero in this capacity. In addition, Louise Frattarelli has been elected Vice-Chair and John Quin has been elected President. Joni Pavich, Terry Flannagan, and Savannah Smith also serve on the board of directors, and we thank these dedicated board members for their valuable contributions.

Chairs Corner

I would like to take a moment to sincerely thank the EFF team for allowing me to help guide this remarkable organization into becoming an instrumental and valued component of our community. I have had the pleasure of serving on the Board since 2019 as a Director, Vice-Chair, and Chair, and it has truly been a privilege to do

so. I want to also thank the many amazing volunteers and donors that have so graciously given their time and financial resources to help us with our mission of Forever Building a Stronger Community. Without the kindness of those who have given, we would not be where we are today. I sincerely thank you for your contributions! I will continue to support the EFF and the other wonderful community non-profits that I have been affiliated with over the years and I look forward to the exciting future of the Village of Estero.

George Zalucki

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