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Preserving History: The Generous Donation by Estero Forever Foundation to Estero Historical Society

April 17th, 2023

The Estero Historical Society held its "Ramp Fest" over the weekend to celebrate the completion of their new handicap accessible ramp.

This project was lead by Councilman George Zalucki and funded by the Estero Forever Foundation and Engage Estero who raised over $9,000.00 to pay for labor and materials.

Historical Society President Gail Alldaffer Langer introduced Engage Estero President Jim Gilmartin and the Estero Forever President John Quinn, who were on site to join in the celebration. Other participants include Councilmembers Joanne Ribble and Jim Ward, Estero Communications Manager Marilyn Edwards, Estero Historical Society Board members and members of the Estero Rotary.

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